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Our services include: Click on the links to learn more.


Custom Software Development

Our main product is our software development contracting service. You can come to us with an idea for a new product, an improvement on an old product or some code that is there but not working as well as you were hoping, and we will make it or make it better for you. Our engineers are well versed in nearly all languages, but they really excel in Java, C#, and C. We are happy to work using web frameworks and have in the past used Google Web Toolkit, Apache Wicket and Django. We are equally capable of making standalone desktop applications as well as mobile applications for most mobile devices (Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile). Finally, we can create plug-ins for many popular programs. Contact us for information on creating plug-ins for ArcGIS, QuickBooks, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Price: Our standard rate of $70 per hour applies. However, we normally do not charge hourly on our software projects (unless requested by the client). We will set up a time where we can get detailed specifications and we will walk through each aspect of your project, breaking it up into manageable pieces and estimating how long each piece will take. If we have questions or need clarification on your spec we will resolve them at this point. We will then present a project quote that will be your final cost for the whole project. This method of pricing serves a two-fold benefit to the client: if we run overtime we eat the costs, and because we have so much vested in getting your quote right, we may be able to spot difficulties in your project at the planning stage that other firms may not.

Database Design and Implementation

Whether you want a simple employee or client database setup, or you have a farm of databases you need kept concurrent through merge and replication, we can do it all. We have worked extensively with Access, MySQL, MSSQL, and PostgreSQL. We will work with you to create a user interface that makes interacting with your database no more difficult than working with a spreadsheet. We will help make charts and graphs so that the information you need is available right away in an easily digestible format. And finally, there are often lots of things we can do to automate your data entry procedures; whether that is parsing websites or using optical character recognition on faxes, it is usually unnecessary to have a human being sitting at a computer doing data entry for hours on end. Put them on some higher value tasks and leave the data entry to us and our software robots.

Price: $70 per hour available as a project or by the hour.


If you feel like your business could be improved through the use of technology but you're not totally sure where to start, contact us. We will provide you with an objective report that examines potential software and hardware solutions for your business needs. We are big believers in open source software so it is very possible we will be able to find you software that doesn't cost you a penny. We will present you with multiple solutions along with our analysis and recommendations. We will also include expense estimates, not only for the software but for your expense in time to get everyone up to speed. Once you have made a decision, we will happily help you get everything set up and answer any questions you may have going forward.

Price: $70 per hour.